Forex Training Wheels Module Number 1

"Trends & Trend Lines"

Module 1 Goal

To understand basic market movement, map it out with trend lines and recognize when it is changing direction.


The market moves in trends, either upward, downward or sideways. As we study the different trends we can find clues telling us where the market is likely to go next. We can also find clues telling us that the market is about to turn around and go in the other direction.

We use trend lines to map out these trends and recognize when they change. They are also very useful as trade signals when the market breaks through a well defined trend line.

The more you watch and trade paying attention to the different scale trends, the more success you will find trading your account.

Objectives for this Module:

To grasp the basic foundational movements of the markets.

To learn and practice proper trend line placement and its uses in your trading.

To spot the clues for when the market is turning around.

Learn how to trade breakout trades and channel trades.

Training Videos:

These videos may be hosted differently as I transfer everytihing over to If you need a password it is "pips"


Training Description


1 Archived Class Video 98 min
2 Basic Trends 6 min
3 Trendlines 6.5 min
4 Trendline Trick 8 min
5 Trendline Breakout Strategy 15 min

Trade with the trend, the trend is your friend.


Back up on your charts and observe what happens each time the market changes direction.

Spot the clues for a trend reversal

Recognize how the market respects some trend lines over and over again, till it finally breaks through.

Place trend lines on all of your charts, large scale and small. Keep them updated regularly.


Barrier Placement Worksheet (pdf)

Breakout Trades Strategy (pdf)

Extra Credit Study :

These books and sites are not from LotsOfPips, but are still good, study all you can in the forex market, "Knowledge is Power." And no, you don't have to buy all the books.


Training Description


1 The New Science of Technical An...
Tom Demark