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Forex Coach Jared Passey

Dear Forex Trader,

Over the years of trading, training and coaching Forex, I've seen again and again that the learning curve is too big for most individual traders to overcome. There is just too much to figure out, too much to master, and that's not to mention the mindset shift every trader must go through to find consistent success.

The problem is that most people today are too impatient to put in the time it takes to master the market before they put serious money into it. Which almost always results in crashed accounts and defeated traders.

If this is making any sense to you, keep reading. There is no reliable way to avoid learning all you need to learn, but there is an excellent way to short-cut the process. It's called Collaborative Education, it is when you learn in a group. When you study together everyone learns faster and better. This is especially true in the Forex Market.

Benefits of Group Training:

  • Others ask questions you didn't think to ask,
  • Testing Strategies works better in a group,
  • Sharing of potential trades between participants,
  • Shorten learning curve as different students share their observations and experience,
  • Others students provide good trading support,
  • Students hold each other accountable for following rules,
  • Tracking and analyzing your trades with others, and
  • People to run questions and ideas by.

What do you Get?

Mark Ishii
From: Mark Ishii

  "Jared, you are an amazing trainer. You're the first financial trainer I have worked with that is more interested in my success than my money. I think this comes out best in your patience and willingness to work with us until we get it right. It's a real pleasure to work with you."

Mark Ishii

Ross Cheesman
From: Ross Cheesman, DMD
Retired Dentist

  "I am in constant awe and respect of the level of knowledge and discipline you have attained.... Your patient yet firm encouragement are always the push I need to continue with the currency trading that I do. I am encouraging several of my friends to join us at the weekly club meetings, which are very interesting, informative, and motivating.  

"I have been trading a demo account for a while and just started with a live account several months ago. I must say that when ever I get a little discouraged, I always find logic in the discussions and feedback that are given on the weekly phone calls. It is worth every bit of the investment to be on the phone call and brought up to date for the week. The new strategies, review of the "tricks" that you relay to us and the validation from the callers is a great encouragement to me.  

"My favorite policy is the journalizing of the trades. It always seems to help slow me down and to be more cautious in my trades and ultimately more dollars in my account. Thanks for your help and encouragement."

Ross Cheesman, DMD

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