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Compresses Learning Time

Forex Coach Jared Passey
Forex Tester 2 is the coolest software I have seen that helps people learn to trade the Forex market effectively. It makes it possible to simulate live trading on historical data and charts in faster than real time mode. Now there were a lot of big words in there, so let me explain.

You can load the history of any particular pair, for most any particular time frame into the software. Then you can connect to that data and trade on it without knowing what the future holds. And you can determine how fast the charts move and what time frames you want to watch, etc.

So you could take 6 months of data from last year on the EUR/USD and trade on 1 hr charts, pausing to place trades, setting up pending orders, marking trend lines, whatever you normally do in MetaTrader, but you could trade that whole 6 months in one day. You would get the experience equivalent of 6 months of trading (chart time) in 1 day.

As a Forex coach, I wish my students had this from the beginning, it makes it so much easier to test strategies and practice recognizing patterns, etc. Forex Tester is an excellent tool in the belt of any future million-dollar trader.

Download the free version of this awesome Forex testing software here.
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Jared Passey