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Top Forex Trading Strategies

A few top Forex trading strategies used by our premier "Mastermind Trading Group" are now available for purchase to experienced traders.

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We will be offering more as time goes on. Remember, each video is recorded in top-quality HD video and come with a printable trading summary with real-world examples. These strategies are currently working well in the marketplace.

(Or you can get our top 4 Forex Strategies (Including these three) for only $97, plus some cool bonuses. Show Me Please )

Forex Strategies Currently Used
by Members of our Mastermind Trading Club:

  • The C3PO Forex Trading Strategy - $79
    Win/Loss Ratio: 85% Risk/Reward: Positive
    Market Type:TrendingBest Time Frame:1 Hr or larger
    This strategy incorporates some of the most foundational elements of Forex trading together in a manner never before seen, You will always have larger wins than losses and the rules that govern the market will keep you winning more often than losing. In the past year our Mastermind Trading Club has seen around 85% wins on this strategy, what’s nice is that you can see the trade coming for hours ahead of time, depending on what time frames you are trading. This is not a fad in the market or a strategy that will become obsolete as the market shifts. This is not for the beginner,
    you have to have a good understanding of different aspects of Forex, but you can learn. This is our Cadillac of trading strategies. We know you will be happy and find success.

  • Crack The Whip 4X Trading System - $ 47
    Win/Loss Ratio: 75% Risk/Reward: Positive
    Market Type:TrendingBest Time Frame: 30M or larger
    This is a powerful strategy in a trending market, and you can always find a trending market if you look at different scales and pairs. We have taken a popular trading strategy and fine tuned it with extra clues and signals to give you a distinct advantage. If traded right, you will always have a great risk/reward ratio and who knows, with proper trade management you could let this ride and end up with a real home run. (It sure is nice when you can risk 1% and end up with 10% or better on your account.)
    Make sure to understand and follow the rules and this strategy won’t let you down. This strategy is the “Bread and Butter” for many of my coaching students.

  • The Manikin Strategy - $ 37
    Win/Loss Ratio:70% Risk/Reward: Positive
    Market Type: Trending Reversal Pattern Best Time Frame:1 Hr or larger
    This is a simple strategy with some custom twists on how to play it and gain an edge in the market. Using some clever tools we are able to more accurately determine the precise range for an excellent entry and see it coming ahead of time. You can place this trade and
    let it run without any monitoring if you like. The positive Risk/ Reward ratio makes it easy to handle the occasional loser without wiping out previous wins.